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29th Jan 2018, Received from SS, Harbledown, Kent

I received the plugs and cables today and just wanted to say thank you so much for a fantastic job and for your knowledge and advise.

The service you provide is exemplary and I would gladly recommend you to everyone I know

Thank you Kindly

3rd Jan 2018, Received from TG, Amsterdam, NL

I recently picked up a '54 P-Bass copy for € 97,- and a 5 minute bike ride from my house in Amsterdam, NL. I was blown away with the light weight, how resonant it is, and the build quality. It being a 'cheap' copy I felt I had two choices: either leave everything as it was (which was pretty o.k. to begin with), or do a bit of DIY to it get as close to the vibe of the original as possible. I wouldn't have written this had I gone with the first option, obviously.

I installed heavy gauge Rotosound flatwounds and reshaped the headstock to '51-'54 specs which was easy because of the big headstock it came with.

Another thing that wasn't era-correct was the pickup. It looks and sounds a lot like a Seymour Duncan Quarterpounder (SCPB-3), which I have used in the past. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, just not the 'oomph' I'm looking for (at 11.2 K).

So I did a bit of research, and ended up finding David on and contacted him directly. Why David? Because he offered: handmade, scatterwound winding, raised A & D pole pieces (very handy on this model) and he could make me a wiring loom with the proper specs as well. All that for an unbelievable price.

Based on his prompt reply and what he had to say and ask me, I immediately had the feeling that I had made the right choice. Still, I was highly impressed with the package when it arrived, and even more so with it's contents. Expertly packed and it came with a little 'birth chart' for the pickup. I chose a 0.022uF capacitor for the tone control and white string wrap for the pickup.

As for the pickup once installed and hooked up, to be honest, I'm blown away. The first thing I, and the rest of the band, noticed after playing only one (!) note is that David's pickup (at 7.68 K) is in no way less loud than the old one, but way more focused and open sounding at the same time. It carries the whole band and the bass just feels alive. The whole band sounds better, believe it or not. I can't remember having such a blast playing an electric bass ever (I'm originally a double bass player).

After 10+ years of playing professionally, my steady 'gig' is quite a loud Country-Roots Rock band made up of a studio owner/engineer and two professional sound men that just want to listen to their own music and twiddle their own knobs once a week. Having said that, I have no doubt that my new pickup will also work wonders in even louder bands and styles.

So, I am extremely happy and recommend David to anyone in need of a better pickup. This certainly won't be my last order with him.


Received from AS, 19.12.2017

I just want to thank you for my new pickup. Your work is outstanding and out of all the U.K based pickup makers i've used you are definitely the best so far.

I've recommended you to a couple of friends and i'll also be ordering some more pickups from you in the future. I might even do a video review of the strat bridge pickup. Thanks again"  - AS -

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27th Sept. 2017, Received from DM, Haverfordwest

"David has created a wonderful instrument for me. Due to my eccentric choice of specification and the failings of third party service providers the build was beset by problems, but David's tenacity and determination to achieve the best outcome overcame all obstacles. He truly has produced a work of art, with superb sound, and I am thoroughly delighted with the result.
Many thanks, David!"

Intense grained crotch US black walnut with maple infil Telecaster. Switchable twin circuit electrics: (a) 5-way SS telecaster using one of bridge humbucker coils (b) Fernandes Sustainer with both humbucker coils - The full story will surface one day - 500 emails, 2 years from initial deposit to completion, the most exoensive guitar I've built to date

16130 Oak Pine Strat 10.jpg

12th July 2017, Received from NP, Northwich

I just received my guitar from David and I would like to share my feelings:

There’s very little in the world that takes my breath away quite like an object that was lovingly crafted, built with care and passion, and presented with the sort of pride that befits a marvelously well-made item.

Craftsmanship is the quality that comes from creating with passion, care, and attention to detail. It is a quality that is honed, refined, and practiced over the course of a career. It is the quality that defines the difference between a Timex and a Rolex.

Today I received my Rolex, Im so happy with this guitar.

2-piece sugar pine Strat with handwound pickups, premium electrics and black hardware

31st January 2016 received from TH, Uckfield

"Gigged guitar last night - awesome! Played and sounded superb and stayed in tune 100% throughout whole gig. Had lots of admirers including a guy who had just paid £2700 on a Fender custom shop - when I asked him to guess price of my guitar he said £2000! You should of heard his language when I told him what I paid :)
Thanks again and may well be in touch soon"

Bespoke 2-piece Alder Hardtail Strat in matt black, flamed 1-piece maple neck with locking vintage Klusons, Lace Sensor Hot Gold pickup set with bridge / neck blend option

10th December 2015 received from DA, Nottingham *

"Received 2 handbuilt guitars from Bloodstone Guitarworks today and well I am totally blown away, the necks, bodies, pickups and setup are exceptional. I have over 200 guitars of all makes Gibson, Overwater, Fender, Bill Nash, LSL, Custom Shop Fender, Bravewood, Rittenhouse, Mcguire, plus all MIJ Navigator, Tokai, Greco, Edwards ESP, Bachuss, etc, etc, plus 8 handbuilt costing several grand each. His guitars are on par if not better than most of these.

i kid you not. He will go out of his way to build it round you pickups too.

 In my opinion they are as good as custom makers, only early Bill Nash and Mcguire match his in my opinion but cost double or treble his prices. So you of no faith will miss out at your cost.

I have no affiliation or business concern, just an avid guitar collector"

Name and number supplied

  1. Hand-finished old stock Honduran Mahogany with 1/4" bookmatched Koa cap. Hand finished Allparts chunky neck. Handwound Fat '57 P90s
  2. Hand-finished chambered American alder with 1/4" flame-maple cap, hand finished Allparts neck. Tele pickups I slightly underwound, 5-way switching


15th April 2015, AB - Derby *

I have known David for over a year now and during that time he has built two guitars for me, a vintage Telecaster using Fender Nocaster pickups and a lovely Strat using hand wound pickups.

They are always 'go to' guitars and both are of the highest quality in tone, design, woods, build and finish and a reasonable price. You would need to look long and far to match the quality of these fine guitars even at the top end of Fender custom shop models.

David has also done a fair number of repairs, upgrades and setups for me with the same meticulous attention to detail. At every stage, David has consulted me on all aspects of his work and kept me up to date on the cost of each option and the prices David charges are very reasonable indeed, without cutting corners.

Whether you are buying an in stock guitar or ordering a custom build or needing a repair or custom setup, you can rest assured you have found the best luthier to undertake your needs.


  1. 1-piece American swamp ash Telecaster with Fender Custom Shop Nocaster Alnico 3 pickups
  2. 2-piece American alder Stratocaster with handwound 50s pickups


All these "testimonial" were provided at their own insistence by genuine customers and their names and are happy for their contact details to be given out on request