Unfortunately repairs are usually forced upon us by necessity, not by choice and the first decision is who to trust to undertake the work. By choosing Bloodstone Guitar Works you will benefit from my passion and expertise, meticulous workmanship and attention to detail in whatever work you require or desire

This applies to simple repairs and maintenance through to full restorations on any electric guitar, acoustic guitar or bass, with all work completed quickly and efficiently and at a reasonable price

Whilst I will always offer you the best possible advice, I understand that all jobs have a budget and will advise you accordingly and will keep you informed of progress and any hidden issues to prevent any nasty shocks

The following is some of the extensive repair service I am able to offer:

  • Wiring - cleaning or replacement of scratchy switches and stuttering pots and jack sockets and making good dry soldered joints 
  • Replacement nut - a well-cut bone nut will improve tuning stability, intonation and playability
  • Repairing, re-gaussing, rewinding, potting or replacing pick-ups
  • Pickup and control cavity shielding - high-quality copper foil, soldered to form a robust barrier to buzz and hum
  • Fitting and replacement of tremolo bridges (including Bigsby and Floyd Rose)
  • Fret levelling (fret dress) and refrets

I am more than happy to fit your own parts and to help and advise you though any DIY project you are undertaking (including any disasters you may encounter) 

Please contact me for advice or an estimate