Handwound Pickups

Handcrafted in-house using traditional time tested materials and methods

Pickup bobbins

The pickup bobbins are individually handbuilt using laser cut Forbon (vulcanized fibreboard) flatwork and sand cast AlNiCo (Aluminium, Nickel, Cobalt alloy) pole pieces which have hand bevelled top edges

These are then dipped in nitrocellulose lacquer to prevent any corrosive interaction between the AlNiCo poles and the enamelled copper windings and left to dry overnight

Coil Winding

Each bobbin is then individually hand wound to a pre-determined numbers of winds (around 8-11,000) of usually 42 or 43awg enamelled copper wire intentionally scattering these winds randomly across the bobbin and varying the wire tension.

This process known as scatterwinding produces a far superior tone, details and dynamics by reducing the capacitance between the winds

Available in vintage, modern and overwound windings (or to your chosen specification)

Custom winds

My pickups are all custom wound to order, I only offer prescribed winding specifications to give an indication of their intended application and avoid confusion of choice. Please ask if you have an individual specification in mind

Coil Magnetising (Gaussing)

The pickup is hand magnetized using super strong Neodymium magnets, the polarity depending on whether noise cancelling is required or not before being individually handwired with vintage 22 AWG, double insulated, cloth covered hook up wire

Wax potting

The wound coils are handwired with vintage cloth covered wire and wax potted in 100% organic beeswax which is softer at lower temperatures, better protecting the vulnerable coil windings. This process removes any trapped air in the coil which can lead to unwanted resonances and minimises microphonic feedback at high volume settings

Some players however feel it can rob a certain degree of tone and openness so if you prefer yours not to be potted, just let me know

Pickups Covers and Mounting

Included pickup covers available in white, cream and black for Strats® and all sets are supplied with mounting screws and springs or vintage type tube if preferred


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Rewinds, repairs and modifications

If your pickups are under the weather due to age, corrosion or damage I can apply the TLC they require and am able to customise pickups to give a higher or lower output, a bit more fatness warmth or woodiness or simply:

  • Rewinding to your chosen specification
  • Wax dip to cure high volume squealing and microphonic feedback
  • Coil tapping existing coils or adding a tappable additional winding
  • Complete rewinding to your chosen specification
  • Re-gaussing / re-charging your pickups magnetism


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