A full professional setup consists of:

  • Full assessment of the condition and maintenance requirements
  • Check and tighten all screws and hardware
  • Treat switches and pots with contact cleaner
  • Check and spot level any proud frets and dress any sharp fret ends
  • Re-crown spot levelled areas and polish frets
  • Condition rosewood fretboards with lemon-oil
  • Clean, check function of and lubricate the bridge and saddles
  • If fitted, adjust tremolo action and resting position to your preference
  • Adjust neck relief via truss rod
  • Check, adjust and lubricate nut slots
  • Set playing action via adjustment of bridge saddles / bridge height
  • Replace and stretch in new strings
  • Set intonation
  • Set provisional pickup height
  • Full playing check and readjustment / fine tuning where necessary
  • Final clean and polish

If the frets are showing signs of wear, flat-spots or pitting a full fret dress will be advised where this is possible including levelling, re-crowning and smoothing and polishing to restore optimum playability

Any other presenting issues requiring additional work or parts replacement will be reported to you prior to completion to afford the opportunity for this to be undertaken whilst your guitar is in the workshop

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