Gibson Wiring loom

Gibson with switch 8.jpg
Gibson with switch 8.jpg

Gibson Wiring loom

from 36.95

Available for all configurations of Gibson (or other) Guitars:

  • Single volume and tone, no switch
  • Single volume and tone, 3-way toggle switch
  • 2 volumes and 2 tones, no switch
  • 2 volumes and 2 tones, 3-way toggle switch
  • 2 volumes and 2 tones, Switchcraft USA switch            

Includes output jack plug and:

  • Matched* CTS USA log audio 500K Potentiometers - smooth linear volume & tone change (no bunching or on/off effect)
  • 0.022uF Sprague "Orange Drop" Tone Capacitor** - removes the thinness and harshness inherent with budget capacitors
  • Individually hand wired with cloth covered pushback wiring
  • Bridge earth with heatshrink tube to solder to existing earth
  • Easy to follow colour coded wiring diagram
  • Free 1st class UK shipping
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*     Matched to within 10 ohms (normal CTS tolerance is +/- 50ohms)

**   Now using the 715p version which is sonically superior to the commonly used 225p. Other cap values are available on request as a no cost option

Other bass versions and mods are available on request including: Jazz bass with blend or series/parallel, etc. Possibilities and options are almost limitless, for inspiration visit Phostenix

Please contact me here for a price on any wiring looms not listed