Stratocaster Pickup Sets

All Sets £89.90, Individual Pickups £36.90

Handcrafted Alnico Strat®  pickup sets, handwound with a heavy scatter, hand-wired, hand magnetised and potted in organic beeswax for the ultimate tone

Flat poles more suited to modern rarius necks are supplied as standard but staggered poles available on request at no additional cost

Includes covers, mounting screws and springs. Please select your option below or to discuss a bespoke winding click here

Single pickups and pairs available on request

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Classic 50s - Alnico 3 (Neck=5.6K, Mid=5.6K Bridge=5.9K)

Top dynamics and richer, rounder, fatter tones with a deep bottom end, crystal clear mids and a bell-like chime in the highs. When overdriven produces a full and crunchy sound with plenty of body

Classic 50s - Alnico 2 (Neck=5.6K, Mid=5.6K Bridge=5.9K)

Crisp and percussive with excellent pick attack, warm bottom end and sweet, articulate highs. Nice hollow 'cluck' in the mid range turning to a singing natural sustain when overdriven       

Classic 50s - Alnico 5(Neck=5.6K, Mid=5.6K Bridge=5.9K)

 Hollow and woody with a tight and punchy bottom, highs which are crisp and well defined and with maximum quack/chime

Classic 60s (Alnico 5: Neck=5.9K, Mid=5.9K, Bridge=6.5K)

 Hotter than the 50s pickups with a more extended bottom-end and more solid highs, with plenty of weight and a very full, piano-like ring to each note

Vintage Hot - Irish Flood (Alnico 5: Neck=6.5K Mid=6.5K Bridge= 7.4K)

Maximum 42awg to give a really powerful woody tone with warmer highs, more weighty mids and a fatter bottom end to drive any amp really hard