Telecaster Pickup Sets

All Sets £89.90, Individual Pickups £47.90

Handcrafted Alnico Tele®  pickup sets, handwound with a heavy scatter, hand-wired, hand magnetised and potted in organic beeswax for the Ultimate tone  

Includes covers, mounting screws and springs, white string wrap available. Please select your option below or to discuss a bespoke winding click here

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Nocaster (Alnico 3: neck=6.9K, bridge=7.1K) - Wonderful twang, highly controlled bass with great definition and a lovely chime in the highs. Perfect for both flat pickers and finger-style players, but very capable of driving an amp for a scorching crunch and lead tone

True ’52 (Alnico 5: neck=7.0K, bridge=7.2K) - Well defined snap in the bass, full authentic twang. Alnico 5 gives a very unique and versatile pickup set capable of a vast range of clean and driven vintage tones


Broadcaster (Alnico 5: neck=7.0K, bridge=9.8K) - Retaining all the vintage authenticity but with a chunky bottom-end, snarling mids and great sustain to really push a tube amp hard


Exile set (Alnico 5: neck=7.0K, bridge=7.6K) - All the character of the True '52 with more grind, punch and weight in the mids and a great pick response well suited to blues and rock applications

Badlands (Alnico 5: neck=7.1K, bridge=8.3K) - Maximum 42awg bridge wind for a fat driving rock sound that can be cleaned up by backing off the volume. Plenty of twang, grind and sustain, with deeper bass, fatter mids and warm highs